About the Northeast Church of Christ  
What we Believe, Our History, Ministries and More!

The Northeast Church of Christ is a group of Christians who welcome all Christians to come, worship and serve with us.


We especially welcome all military members moving into the Randolph AFB, Brook Army Medical Center and Ft. Sam Houston areas. 

With many former and current military members, Northeast understands the needs of military service, including the demands of deployments, TDYs and exercises.  We look forward to meeting Christians serving on active duty, in the Reserve or National Guard. 


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* Beliefs -- Like most other churches of Christ, the Northeast family only uses the Bible as its' guide in all things.  That means we follow the Bible in our teachings, worship and works of the church.  Here are some examples:      

  • Worship: The minister will refer to numerous scriptures during the worship service.  Everyone will be encouraged and provided time to turn to the scripture in his or her own Bible.      


  • Music:  Northeast practices singing without the use of any mechanical instrument, either live or recorded.  This is because the Bible only instructs us to sing using our voices.  If you like acappela singing, you will enjoy the singing during the worship services at Northeast!     


  • Communion:  Once again, the Bible gives us clear teachings about observing the remembrance of Jesus' sacrifice every week, so we participate in this every Sunday.  

* Attire:  We want everyone to feel welcome and encouraged to attend Bible classes and worship services.  While there is no requirement to wear any particular type or style of clothing, we ask people of all ages to wear modest clothing without any offensive markings, symbols, photos or other items that might distract others during class or worship.  Out of respect for the human body, we only ask men and women to not wear clothing that would appear to be physically revealing. 

* Financial Support:  You will never be asked or required to pay anything during any activity at the Northeast Church of Christ.  Members offer a free-will gift as their personal and private contribution during the worship service, but visitors are not required or under any obligation to contribute. 


In September 1969, a group of Christians known as the Northeast Church of Christ began meeting in the home of Brother Harold Reeder. It was made up of members from approximately twenty families.

An evangelist was hired and teachers were installed to set into action Christ's work in this community. After meeting in temporary locations for a time, a contract was negotiated with the Judson School District in February 1970 for the use of the Kirby Junior High School.  By August 1970 the average attendance had risen to 88.  Later that year, the name of the congregation was changed to the Kirby Church of Christ. To comply with the laws of the State of Texas, the Kirby Church of Christ was incorporated in June 1972. Building plans were drawn up, and a decision was made to purchase five acres of land on Farm Road 78 between Kirby and Converse for the price of $15,000. 

  By November 1972 building and finance committees were appointed and definite plans to construct a building began. June 1973 saw a contract was signed with the Continental Church Builders to begin drafting plans. In August 1973 the men of the congregation approved a bond program in the amount of $120,000 at 9 percent interest, with a fifteen-year repayment plan. September 1973 was set as the bond issue date. By January 1974 the bond sales were completed and the ground breaking for the new building took place that month. The first service was held in the new building on August 25, 1974.  

 The 1969 plan for an eldership was realized when elders were installed on October 19, 1975. The installation of deacons followed on December 14, 1975.  
Due to housing development surrounding the church location, the name was changed to the Ventura Church of Christ in 1982.

Due to the growth in the area and the multitude of subdivisions surrounding Ventura, members voted in December 2008 to rename the congregation the Northeast Church of Christ. 


With the population around the Norteast building nearly quadrupling since 1983, the congregation is making plans to grow along with the area. 

The fellowship hall and kitchen areas were completely remodled in the fall of 2008, with more plans to expand parking and other areas in 2009.  The vacant portion of the original 5 acres is on the market, and plans are being developed for a new facility in the immediate area once the current facility is at or near its' seating capacity. 


For more than twenty years, the Ventura church of Christ has maintained an active ministry at Normandy Terrace, S.E. Nursing Home, 841 Rice Rd. The opportunity for service involves a good number of our members in a variety of activities:

Worship services are held every Sunday afternoon at 3:30 in the Normandy Terrace auditorium. This time of fellowship and praise is a blessing to all. For residents unable to attend, communion service is provided in their rooms.

When the holiday season comes around the fellowship hall at Northeast becomes an assembly line as we prepare more than  200 fruit sacks for the residents and employees at Normandy Terrace. On the Sunday before Christmas, we sing carols up and down the halls as a large group delivers the gifts.

The ministry at Normandy Terrace is a great opportunity to get involved. Join us--you will be blessed!


 The Northeast Church of Christ  supports the churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort, Inc, Nashville, Tennessee. This organization immediately responds to any major disaster in the continental United States by sending truck loads of emergency food, water, cleaning and other supplies for distribution by a church of Christ in the disaster area.












Looking for a place to grow your faith and  worship God with other believers? 

New to San Antonio? Military moving to Joint Base San Antonio?

 Visitors looking for a new church are always welcome!

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